When looking for an android/streaming device, I did my research. I looked at lots of reviews. I read them carefully. l spent more hours on this than my wife really enjoyed. But I was on a quest to find that box that was going to fulfill my/our needs.

skystream image
Image that ss seems to show on their website of their newest product to look like android tv

In my research I narrowed down to two media boxes. The SkyStream 3 Plus and the Nvidia Shield. There were so many great things said about either of these it really was a toss up. The only thing that seemed to differentiate the two was a $40 difference in price.

I ended up purchasing the Skystream as the price seemed right. It seemed to be offering everything I needed and wanted. I thought this was going to make my toaster obsolete! Below I will explain some of my findings and how they bought my business.

Future Proof!

You would think that future proof means that they are constantly working on new updates to make their box even better? And in fact their number 1 reseller (who is a part owner of skystream) extolls the fact that their product “Over the air updater – always is up-to-date”! Wouldn’t that mean that there are always new updates to their boxes? You would think. But in the year plus that I have been running one, there has yet to be any update of any kind. It is stuck on Android 8.1 and will remain that way for life.